Have a sustainable Christmas with smartass

Have a sustainable Christmas with smartass

December 19, 2020

Christmas and over-consumption go together like Bacon and eggs or Ross and Rachel. Really, the festive season shouldn’t be a burden on the planet. With a little effort, your smartass toilet paper and some imagination, together, we can reduce the environmental impact of the holiday season.

Go Tree-Free this Christmas

In the UK alone 8 million real Christmas trees are put up each year, yet only 10% of these will be recycled or composted. That means around 7 million trees will make their way to landfill, dramatically contributing to greenhouse gases. 

There’s plenty of eco-friendly ways to get down to festive town, like decorating a house plant, using a cutting or stacking up your smartass tree-free TP for a colourful and sustainable Christmas tree alternative! 

Cut the wrap!

A whopping 227,000 miles of wrapping paper is thrown away every year - enough to wrap around the Earth’s equator nine times. Many people are unaware that Christmas wrapping paper often can’t be recycled as it is regularly plastic-based, dyed, laminated and decorated with non-recyclable embellishments, such as glitter. 

This means that any non-recyclable wrapping paper has to go to waste and will more often than not end up in landfill contributing to greenhouse gases. But by using compostable and recyclable materials, your wrapping creations can contribute to the circular economy.

How do I know if your wrapping paper is recyclable? There is a quick and easy test you can do to check if your paper is recyclable, widely known as The Scrunch Test.

  1. Scrunch your wrapping paper into a tight ball
  2. Wait for a few seconds. If the paper stays in a ball, it’s recyclable. If the ball starts to open, it’s not recyclable.

Don’t forget to remove any sellotape, ribbon or plastic gift tags before recycling!

Get creative when it comes to wrapping, choose eco-friendly alternatives such as newspapers, magazines, recycled brown paper or repurpose your smartass toilet paper wrappers for colourful presents! It also doubles your gift - unwrap your presents carefully and play the games over a cup of nog. 

Christmas hats

There’s nothing like calling your annoying younger cousin a smartass without Granny realising. Grab a couple of your smartass wrappers, a pair of scissors and some paper-tape to create some plastic-free and waste-free crowns. Once your festivities are over you can chuck these in the compost along with any food scraps.

A cracker Christmas idea

Replace your single-use crackers with repurposed ones. Made from your repurposed smartass wraps you can add your personalised gifts to them, plus they're great eco-friendly Christmas decorations for the table!

Be sure to share your festive smartass creations with us by tagging @smartasstp

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