Tree Free Paper Towels

12 rolls of 2 ply Tree free paper towels, 55 sheets per roll made from sugarcane and bamboo fibres. Something good to bring to the table, as it’s kinder to the earth that grew it. Time to get your dab on.

Recommended subscription frequencies:

  • 3 Weeks (4 rolls per Week)
  • 6 Weeks (2 rolls per Week)
  • 8 Weeks (1.5 rolls per Week)
  • 12 Weeks (1 roll per Week)

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Joanna Judge

Tree Free Paper Towels

Georgia Duke

Tree Free Paper Towels

Rosanna Wheeler
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Hi everyone
I’m on to my 3rd order of products. Best quality and ease of having things on hand, paper towels are great and have all sorts of uses including germinating seeds during lockdown. Tissues are a convenient size and look good on your work desk or scattered around the house. Toilet paper is excellent and breaks down quickly. We live rurally and have a reflection septic system so products need to be environmentally friendly…. Happy to say I’m doing my bit to save our planet.

Alicia Odhiambo

Tree Free Paper Towels

Nat Wolf

Tree Free TP is the bombbbbb. sooo so good <3

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